About us



We implement the best possible logistics solutions and transport solutions regardless of the size of the customer’s cargo at a competitive price.

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A K Shipping, our philosophy is to maintain the high standards of quality and reliability in the industry. With our extensive industry expertise, we feel a sense of responsibility to provide exceptional standards of satisfaction to our customers the world across.



Our all over focus in customer satisfaction. Our vision is to provide customer best services and become the most approachable Shipping Company in India.


Our mission is to achieve sustained growth through a focused approach and matchless client service. We continuously redefine our strategies and approaches to provide innovative solutions in the changing market scenarios and with a focus to provide seamless and visible solutions to our clients.


Safety: This is our overriding value. In our business, there is no compromise on safety. We always seek to serve ships at best and gain the trust, goodwill and loyalty of their owners.


We at A K Shipping provide total customer satisfaction for the servicing and testing of on time delivery, Prime importance for enquiries from Customers and Compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.